Plastique Fantastique

Reviews of Plastique Fantastique Exhibitions, Performances, etc:

June 2020: ‘Plastique Fantastique Tarot: Your Future in Foolish Memes’, exhibition (part of ‘The Collector’s Room’, Karen David, curator), JGM Gallery, London (reviewed in The Fourdrinier, July 2020, available at:

October 2019: ‘The First Days of Mars Year Zero’, performance (part of the Plastique Fantastique performance event ‘Friends Rendezvous’ at close of ‘Mars Year Zero’ exhibition, which included Benedict Drew, Gentle Stranger, Plastique Fantastique, Reactor, Tim Spooner and Underwater River, CGP Gallery, London (reviewed in The Wire, January 2020).

September 2019: ‘Mars Year Zero’, solo exhibition and performance, CGP Gallery, London (reviewed in Photomonitor, 16 November 2019, available at:

June 2018: ‘Traitor Meme’, exhibition and performance (part of Hayward Touring show ‘The Aeshetics of Awkwardnesss’, John Waters, curator), Busy Museum and Sculpture Centre (reviewed in Corridor 8, 11 July 2018, available at:

March 2018: ‘Traitor Meme’, exhibition and performance (part of Hayward Touring show ‘The Aeshetics of Awkwardnesss’, John Waters, curator), Dundee Contemporary Art (reviewed in The List, 21 march 2018, available at:; Studio International, 13 April 2018, available at:; The Skinny, 19 April 2018, available at:; and Art Review, May 2018, available at:

November 2017: ‘Past-Future-Catcher-Repeater’, exhibition and performance (part of ‘We are the Screamers’ TULCA Festival, Matt Packer, curator), Nun’s Island, Galway (reviewed in Circa, 19 January 2018, available at:; and Enclave Review, Spring 2018, available at:

October 2017: ‘Traitor Meme’, exhibition and performance (part of Hayward Touring show ‘The Aeshetics of Awkwardnesss’, John Waters, curator), the Mac, Belfast (reviewed in Circa, 15 February 2018, available at:

June 2017: ‘Traitor Meme’, two-person exhibition (with Lindsey Bull) and performance, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (reviewed in Corridor 8, August 3 2018, available at:

February 2017: Review article by Tim Dixon on ‘Art and Accelerationism’, Art Monthly, no. 407.

September 2016: ‘Summoning the Bit Coin Fairy’ performance (part of ‘Dark Water’, Tai Shani curator), Dilston Grove, London (reviewed in Vice: The Creators Project, September 13 2016, available at:

October 2014, ‘Ribbon Probe’, various posters and films and ‘Myth-Science’ performance (part of ‘Schizo-Culture’, Katherine Waugh and David Morris, curators), SPACE Gallery, London (reviewed in Artforum, December 2014).

June 2014, ‘Myth-Science (Songs of Animal and Cyber Evolution)’, sonic fiction (part of Exploit.zzxjoanw.Gen, Dane Sutherland curator), with performance at launch, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (reviewed in The Wire, August 2014, no. 366).

August 2013, 'Eight Diagrams/Avatars: All the Fantasies of the People', performance (part of 'Space Time T' music/art festival), Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire (reviewed in Frieze Blog, October 2013).

August 2012, ‘THERE IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN ANYTHING TO UNDERSTAND!’, curated show including Plastique Fantastique works and artists: John Russell, Dean Kenning, Suzanne Treister, Simon Davenport, Reza Negarestani, Lawrence Leaman, Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan, John Gillis & Aline Bouvy, Benedict Drew, Peter Rockmount, Mark Jackson, John Cussans & Roberto Peyre, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Neil Chapman & Ola Stahl, ASC Gallery, London (reviewed in Art Monthly, September 2012, no. 359).

July 2010, ‘Plastique Fantastique: The Visitation (and Castration Rituals to welcome Tat- Not!)’, exhibition, comic and performance (part of the Tatton Park Biennale 2010, Danielle Arnaud and Jordan Kaplan, curators), Tatton Park, Knutsford nr Manchester (reviewed in Artists Newsletter, July 2010 and This is Tomorro, 19 May 2010).

November 2006, ‘Plastique Fantastique: Starbucks Fukkee is Your Enemy’ exhibition, Alice Day Gallery, Brussels (reviewed in Art Review, March 2007, no. 9).

April 2006, 'Plastique Fantastique Shrine', exhibition, Writing in Strobe, Dicksmith Gallery, London (Andy Hunt, curator) (reviewed in Art Monthly, May 2006, no. 296 and Frieze, July 2006, no. 100).

Reviews of Plastique Fantastique Exhibitions, Performances, etc:

Plastique Fantastique